Welcome to “Very Simple and Healthy!” And inexpensive, we could add…but that would be too long a name for this blog! 

We will be focusing particularly on food. Food is a major expense! Can we keep the cost down, without sacrificing health? Can we keep the cost down and keep it very simple? Can we keep it simple without sacrificing health? 

We believe we can – and you can! You don’t want to spend all your time analyzing, preparing, buying… You have other things to do! Other urgencies need your time and money. The goal is to help – YOU.


I’m Daniel – married, two children, one grandchild – born and raised in the United States, and living in Canada. Just an ordinary guy, with a built-in aversion to complexity! But who has had an interest in health from the time I was in my early teens…”devouring” the “Prevention” magazine every time we got a new issue at the age of 14!

Several factors have contributed to the desire to simplify the details of life as much as possible – yet preserve good health. A stomach operation played a role…maybe some laziness, too??! And just to have time for the more important things in life, and yet remain healthy.

Most of my life I have not been anywhere close to rich, at times quite the opposite. I understand what it means to need money to pay debts, save, etc. So economy will also be a large focus area of this blog.


Maybe we can find some simple rules-of-thumb, methods, ideas – even some VERY simple ones! – that you can use in your life to lower the cost of living, and make life simpler, easier and more personally rewarding. That’s the goal!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below! I’ll try to answer…

All the best.