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Why might you be interested in learning about the top bread making machines? Well, simplicity – for one! The title of this blog is “very simple and healthy,” after all!

Of course it’s simplest not to bake your own bread, just buy it from the store. Other people have done the work for you. But who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly-baked bread, right out of your own oven? There’s nothing much more “heartwarming” and palate-satisfying that you can create in your own kitchen than bread that has just been baked!

Baking bread from scratch might be a solution, but it can’t in all honesty be termed “very simple.” So…it’s the bread-making machine to the rescue!

Types of Bread Making Machines

  • Standard Bread Machines: These are the most common type. They can handle a variety of bread types – white (if you want that), whole wheat…even gluten-free bread. Usually they have a vertical loaf pan and just one kneading blade.  
  • Compact Bread Machines: The name gives it away. These are smaller machines for those who don’t need larger loaves or who don’t have as much counter space. They are still flexible for a variety of bread types, but have a smaller loaf capacity. 
  • Convection Bread Machines: These use an internal fan that circulates hot air during the baking process, which gives a crispier crust, more even heat distribution, and faster baking times. This is for people who would like their bread to look more professional, like it came out of a professional bakery. 
    Gluten-Free Bread Machines
    : These are especially designed for – you guessed it – baking gluten-free bread! They have special settings and configurations that accommodate gluten-free recipes. This would obviously be the perfect choice for anyone who needs to adhere to a gluten-free diet.

When choosing a bread making machine, you and your needs should be the deciding factor, of course.

Some Bread Making Machine Options

We’ll take a quick look at a few of the more popular (and hopefully budget-friendly) bread making machines here, and links to help you examine them in more detail and purchase one, if desired.

  1. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine. This is definitely one of the more popular brands available, and for good reason. It’s reasonably priced and simple to use. You just put in the ingredients you want from the recipe, select the cycle you want, and press start! There are 12 different cycles, including gluten-free. You can bake cake, whole-grain bread, quick breads, French bread, gluten-free and more. It makes either a 1.5 pound or 2 pound loaf. Or you can use it to prepare the dough for cinnamon buns, dinner rolls, or pizza crusts – then take it out of the bread maker and bake it in a conventional oven. And it really is easy to clean!
  2. Neretva Bread Maker Machine. This popular bread maker is programmable with a 15 hour delay timer, meaning you could put the ingredients into the bread maker in the evening before going to bed, and wake up the next morning to the smell of freshly-baking bread wafting through the house! In addition, it will keep the bread warm for an hour after baking. It has a gluten-free option as well as quick breads, pizza dough, jam, etc., settings. It includes a non-stick pan and a large viewing window so you can watch the whole process from start to finish!
  3. Cuisinart Bread Maker MachineThe Cuisinart Model CBK-110P1 is designed to be particularly user-friendly, even if you are new to bread-making. It’s a very versatile machine; you can choose different loaf sizes and types of bread, different crust colors, and other options. You can bake white, whole wheat, and gluten-free bread recipes, consistently and reliably. This machine has a 13-hour delay timer – so you can wake up in the morning to freshly baked bread! Taking up very little counter space (a truly compact design) this bread-maker is suitable for all sizes of kitchens. Feedback from customers has been very positive – for performance, ease of use, and versatility.
  4. KBS 17-in-1 Bread Maker. One of the cool features of this bread-maker is that it comes with dual heaters. The point of this is that it contributes to better crust browning and more even heat distribution, so you will get a “prettier” and better-baked loaf. It also has a delayed-start timer so you can have your bread ready at a desired time. KBS products have a good name as being well-built and designed – and thus durable for regular use. This bread maker can be used for more than just bread; you can also make jam and yogurt, and just plain dough for future baking – as needed. It is also versatile for different types of bread recipes. The control panel is easy to use, and the displays are easy to follow. Also, it’s easy to clean and maintain!
  5. West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker. The fact that this bread maker is called “hi-rise” means that it has the ability to produce taller and larger loaves of bread than a standard bread maker. This particular bread maker can make up to 3-lb loaves, in addition to the more standard 1.5 and 2-lb sizes. It has 11 digital settings for different types of bread, for the new baker – and an extra 12th “custom” setting, for the experienced bread maker who can program it as he/she likes! It has dual knead blades for a higher rise and lighter taste!


Is it cheaper to bake your own bread – whether with a bread-maker or “from scratch?” Yes, it definitely can be, particularly if you are buying “premium” loaves of bread from the store, that contain nuts and seeds. Plus, you know what goes in the bread! You probably don’t need all the extra ingredients like “calcium propionate” in your homemade bread! Buy special ingredients in bulk, that will cut your cost even more.

Pictures and Prices


There are a number of different bread-makers that will do the job very well, no matter what kind of bread you are making. Using a bread maker can be budget-friendly, for sure – and if you put the right ingredients in – also very healthy! There are a number of great bread-makers available from different manufacturers, it’s purely your choice, based on which one will meet your needs! Check them out!

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  2. I been looking for a good bread machine. It is a joy when the smell of yeast and bread fill the air.

    I’m looking to upgrade my bread machine. I’m interested in the Neretva Bread Maker Machine because it can do jam as well. Being blueberry season we’re making a lot of jam to save money as well.

    So I can attest to your point at the end. These devices really can’t save you some money on bread and other products.

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  3. Hi,
    Thank you for this post, really good to read through the different options available with bread makers.

    I’ve had mine for a few years now as I prefer knowing what’s in the food I eat, plus I love that smell of freshly baked bread. Good to see what the updates are.


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