Ideas With Protein Powder

Well, no, it’s not that the ideas have protein powder with them (!), but…maybe we need ideas about how we can use protein powder. That’s the idea!

Introduction to the Need for Protein

We won’t spend a lot of time on this, we’ll get to the main point about protein powder, trust me – but just a quick intro. It’s been well-established that we need quality, healthy protein to do a host of things: support our mood and brain function and give us energy, and it is an essential nutrient necessary to build, maintain, and repair organs, tissues, and cells in our body. Some of the traditional ways to get protein, like eating a lot of red meat, have fallen into some disfavor due to their negative effects on the body in other ways.

Enter protein powder! Protein powder has become popular as a quick and easy way to top up the level of protein in the body without needing to get the potential artery-hardening impacts of other protein sources.

There are several different types of protein powders available, the most common – based on what I’ve seen – are the plant-based protein powders based on pea protein…and then whey protein.

For ideas on how to use protein powder, we’re going to focus on whey protein. It’s probably safe to say it has the most pleasant taste and blends best with other foods. If you are vegan, or maybe lactose-intolerant, you may want to go with pea protein instead.

I’ve used both; to me, pea protein is a bit “chalky,” I prefer whey protein. But to each their own.

What Are Some “Cool” Ways to Use Protein Powder?

On the whey protein bag that I have right here beside me, the instructions for use say: “Add a scoop…with 250 ml of your favorite beverage. Shake it and enjoy anytime of the day.” That might get old, I’m thinking! I don’t do that, that’s for sure. You can use your imagination, but some people already have – and have come up with a few interesting ideas.

  1. Mix protein powder with frozen blueberries, dry quick oatmeal, and diet cranberry juice, and eat like cold cereal. As a side note, you can always add a bit of stevia if you don’t find it sweet enough. Ok, I’m not saying this is the best; this is just what I typically do! It works for me. But let’s go on to some more imaginative ideas.
  2. Use in a smoothie. Put your favorite fruit, Greek yogurt, and a scoop of protein powder in the blender. Experiment a little with the best combination that tastes best to you. This idea is awesome, you get a “double whammy.” Not only do you have the protein of the protein powder, you also have the Greek yogurt, which is just about as good a source of protein as protein powder.
  3. Use protein powder to replace up to 1/4 of the flour in a baking recipe. This works well with cookies, muffins, or even bread. No one needs to know that you beefed up the protein in their favorite baked good! It seems though that you should not use more than 1/4 of the flour volume, or they may know – the end product might be dry.
  4. Use protein powder in your coffee! Not only will you get your caffeine boost, but you’ll also get your energy, brain, and muscle boost at the same time. I haven’t tried this, but I think I will, sounds like a great idea! It should make your coffee “filling.” A weight loss idea? Maybe!
  5. Put protein powder in your oatmeal. This is a no-brainer; protein powder goes very well with oatmeal. Oats have some vegetable protein already; It doesn’t have large quantities of protein, but after you add protein powder, it will! You can also add other ingredients, like fruit, nuts, or honey to make it more flavorful; whatever you normally add to your oatmeal should work great.
  6. Add protein powder to your pancakes. The typical pancake has very little protein, but by adding protein powder, you can make it a protein powerhouse! Did anybody say protein is very satiating? Maybe you can eat one less pancake if you boost it well with a protein punch!
  7. Make protein-packed energy balls or bars. Mix protein powder with nut butter, oats, and possibly honey; feel free to add chia seeds or dried fruit. Experiment with the consistency, so you can form them into no-bake balls that you can conveniently hold in your hand and eat as convenient. Or you can make them into homemade protein bars if you spread them in a pan, cut them into bars, and refrigerate them. Why pay for the expensive, prepackaged protein bars when you can so easily make your own?
  8. Make a high-protein healthy “ice cream!” Put frozen bananas or other fruits into your blender, add protein powder, and blend – presto! A delicious and nutritious “ice cream!” Well, it might not fit the official definition, but who cares if it tastes good and is good for you!
  9. Add protein powder to sauces, stews, and soup. You’re not limited to just sweet foods. Just a thought: maybe use the unsweetened, unflavored whey protein powder, not the “sweetened with stevia” or vanilla or chocolate-flavored versions.
  10. Make “protein pudding.” This is not hard, just add Greek yogurt or milk and whatever flavorings you wish! Once again, the “double whammy” effect of having the high protein content of the milk or Greek yogurt, in addition to the protein of the protein powder.

Is Protein Powder an Economical Way to Get Protein?

In my opinion, yes. Meat has a lot of protein; meat is also quite expensive! You need protein; potato chips and french fries are probably cheaper, but don’t provide much. So considering the food value, it is a good deal.

Whey protein probably gives the biggest “bang for the buck,” a lot of protein with not all that many calories, and also not that many dollars.

Once again, we find it’s “Costco to the rescue” when it comes to buying protein powder. We buy it in the large 2-kg bag size (we’re in Canada, thus the metric). It takes us a long time to go through a bag of that size, for two of us.

So, Yes…

As noted, there are a lot of more interesting ways you can use protein powder besides just “mix with your favorite beverage and enjoy!” These are 10 ideas you can try.

Feel free to share your ideas or ask any questions in the comments section below.





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