Natural Remedies To Relieve Bloating: Simple And Healthy Solutions


  Gas-X, Gas-X, Gas-X… Is that what comes to mind when you think of feeling bloated?! That’s a very common remedy, but definitely not one of the most natural remedies to relieve bloating! There are simple and natural things, however, that we can do to help us not to feel bloated after a big meal, … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Most people who drink coffee probably couldn’t tell you the “10 health benefits of drinking coffee,” they just know they want it, that it keeps them sane, functioning, moving…and that without coffee, life “as we know it” virtually ceases to exist! There is such a thing as coffee addiction. Regular consumption of moderate amounts of … Read more

Best Tea Health Benefits


Let’s talk tea. Let’s talk the health benefits of tea. Let’s talk about the best tea health benefits! Because there are a lot, and probably more that we don’t know about. Tea is amazingly inexpensive, in most cases much less expensive than coffee per cup. A true bargain in the hot beverage arena. I’m actually … Read more

Best Small Coffee Makers


Coffee meets all the criteria of this website: It’s simple to make, it’s healthy to drink, and if you make your own, it’s budget-friendly! Your coffee maker should also be like that. The best small coffee makers are, at the very least, going to make a cup of brew with a minimum of strain and … Read more