Simple Foods That Increase Longevity – Inexpensively


Most people desire to live a long and healthy life, and it’s worth our consideration to think about foods that can increase our longevity. Not everyone is given the opportunity to live a long life. As a Christian, I believe the length of life is a secondary consideration; we have been given this life to … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Most people who drink coffee probably couldn’t tell you the “10 health benefits of drinking coffee,” they just know they want it, that it keeps them sane, functioning, moving…and that without coffee, life “as we know it” virtually ceases to exist! There is such a thing as coffee addiction. Regular consumption of moderate amounts of … Read more

Is Walking Good Enough Exercise?


Up until now, I’ve mostly talked about very simple, healthy, and budget-friendly food – but as almost everybody knows, exercise is another equally important aspect of good health. There are many different ways to get exercise, and there’s a whole industry built up around exercise – exercise routines, exercise equipment, gym memberships, etc. People spend … Read more

The Most Healthy Sweetener


I’m certainly not the final authority on what is the most healthy sweetener. However, I’ll state right up front that my wife and I have come down mostly on the side of stevia. There are a lot of other sweeteners, of course. Some – like aspartame – are totally artificial. Others – like honey – … Read more

Easy Cold Bean Salad Recipe


In the world of culinary delights, few foods are as simple, budget-friendly, healthy, and overlooked as the bean. This easy cold bean salad recipe is especially simple! It can be thrown together in a minute – almost literally. First Let’s Talk Beans… If you don’t “know beans” about beans, here’s a quick little tutorial! Beans … Read more

Quick Easy Simple Healthy Desserts


“Healthy desserts” doesn’t have to be a contradiction in terms. “Quick easy simple healthy desserts” are possible, they don’t have to be unhealthy or complex! But we might need to readjust our mental framework a bit, since we are probably more used to thinking of “rich, decadent desserts” as true desserts, rather than simple and … Read more

What to Eat on a Budget

What to eat on a budget is a question that has become reality for many people recently! Prices have gone up – dramatically, in some cases. Most of us are not independently wealthy, and most of us don’t have a rich uncle that we expect to die soon, whom we are certain has put us … Read more